#OUTRAGEOUSGIVEAWAY We want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in our contest and helped make it a success! And a special congratulations to Allan Heng, the winner of 1 x Event Ticket (value $798) to the Unlock the Yijing Secrets: Art of Maneuvering I coaching program in our ‘APRIL OUTRAGEOUS GIVEAWAY’... Continue Reading →


Mention "Chinese Stratagems" and most people will say one of the following... Are you referring to the Art of War military classic 孙子兵法 written by Sun Tzu, a 484 BCE military strategist from China? Otherwise, could it be the 36 Strategems 三十六计? This must be Sun Tzu's second book? Of course none of the above... Continue Reading →

The Thirty-Six Stratagems is one of the most famous scroll in ancient Chinese tradition that advise on how to act in a variety of situations, including politics, military strategy and even social interaction. Even today, historians are not exactly sure when – let alone by whom – these 36 strategems were composed. As the stratagems... Continue Reading →

#OUTRAGEOUSGIVEAWAY The April monthly sweepstakes is back and you could be this month's prize winner! It only takes a moment, so click below to get started. Be a winner in 2 easy steps: 1) Complete and submit the entry form Entry Form 2) Once approved, start to share your unique link that is given. Earn... Continue Reading →

How much we don't know about what others are thinking, or why they are doing what they do behind the scenes. Now is the perfect time to learn some new coping strategies for the battles ahead -- be it in business, politics, and life. You will be surprised how wrong we can be in our... Continue Reading →

-Last Call- Attention All Yijing Enthusiasts! The Only Intake For This Year. I just wanted to quickly remind you that I'm about to close the doors on the Unlock The Yijing Secrets: The Power of Intention It's closing today (29 March 2019 Friday) at midnight Singapore Time! For the first time ever, master the untold... Continue Reading →

Manifestation is the results of your thoughts. Sounds simple but do you really believe it and live by it. What we focus on expands, so what are you manifesting? Why not stop and think about it, what you are manifesting right now? How do you feel about what you are manifesting and do you feel... Continue Reading →

You can have wild success or unbearable failure when trying to apply the law of intention to manifest your desires. You can change this sea-saw by learning to apply some small changes. Are you applying the law of intention correctly? If you are like most people, you are mostly likely quite frustrated. You want to... Continue Reading →

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