2019 Intake Registration Closing…

-Last Call-

Calling out to all Yijing enthusiasts,  coaches or similar professions, and even anyone thinking of going into coaching business as an additional source of income and using these skills/knowledge as an added tools for your clients,

We just wanted to quickly remind you that we’re about to close the doors on the

Unlock The Yijing Secrets: Art of Maneuvering (I)

It’s closing tomorrow (12 May 2019 Friday) at midnight Singapore Time!

aom1 cover 1

For the first time ever, get ready to experience, through these 3 part series, the most advanced coaching ever shared to the public, and be inspired by the Yijing Wisdom in a fun and easily understood manners with plenty of life experiences, that can help you maneuver in your everyday life with self-confidence even in a demanding situation.

The complete program consists of 3 parts which will allow you to learn a complete Yijing (I Ching) strategem system to:

  • Help you see your lives and circumstances in a new way,
  • Understand what is going on behind the scenes and why you or other people do what they do.
  • Be on top of the situations you are in so that you can spot life’s trap doors early and easily when many others do not even know what hits them off the course of life.
  • Leverage the relevant Universal Principles that apply to your situation so that you can better plan your next best maneuver.
  • Derive practical strategems from the relevant Universal Principles and Hexagrams that apply to your situation.

In essence, you will get to learn and understand the ultimate secrets of the Power of Evolution, the working mechanism behind every Life Cycle, its natural unfolding of events and how to use it to your absolute advantage, making your every move counts.

We run this program only once a year and we only take in a small group each time for maximum learning and coaching.

It’s YOUR time to make things happen in your life in a really big way!

But again, registration ends tomorrow (at midnight), so grab it now, while you still can.



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