The Art of Winter Hibernation

QUESTION 🤔: Animals hibernate in winter, why don’t humans?

Almost every year since I started the blog in 2016, around this timing, I’ll always post an article about Winter.

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Winter Solstice (冬至)

The fact that I do these, goes to show my unbending emphasis on living the right way through winter, and to be exact, the art of Winter Hibernation

There are 2 main reasons why the sooner you know this, the better.

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1. Winter is always about hibernation

Winter is always about hibernaton and during winter, any outward exhaustion of energy is a big no-no.

Hibernate what? Exhaust what? Your Yang energy of course.

It is at its weakest state in winter and especially during the +/- 2 days of Winter Solstice, just like a weak flickering candle flame. You need to preserve the flame (Yang energy) at all cost, to tide it through the harsh winter.

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The flickering flame can be easily taken out without warning, e.g., physically demanding activities like marathon, job overwork, burning midnight oils, etc.

This year and just recently, there was already an unfortunate case of a sudden collapse leading to fatality.

Taiwan-born model-actor Godfrey Gao dies after collapsing while filming variety show

So, if you do not want your flame to be taken out, start preserving your Yang energy.

2. Winter doesn’t last forever

The more Yang energies you manage to preserve over the winter, the more energies you put aside for spring.

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This is akin to having a good start for the new year. The more energies you put aside for spring, the more seeds you can plant for the new year. The more seeds you plants, the more fruits it bears in mid-summer. You want a fruitful new year, don’t you?

Everyone always look for ways to make the new year a better year. The trick is really simple and it starts with winter.

Learn how to tide through the harshest winter through this Turning Point 2020 Online Seminar. This is an online seminar where we specially curated and put together to show you how to preserve your Yang energy, build your sweet spot to tide through winter and find out what are the seeds you can plants to get the type of life fruits you truly want; all through the use of simple yet effective Yijing methods.

Turning Point 2020 Online Seminar

Before I sign off, I’ll leave this video with you about living through winter.

Happy Winter!

1:45 – Why winter is about hibernation?

3:00 – Why preserving Yang energy in winter is so critical?

8:10 – Implications for not hibernating in winter.

11:20 – The right food for winter.

15:45 – Protect the kidney system.

17:30 – Why ‘sun-tanning’ the back is good in winter?

Everything happens for a reason and the fact that you are here reading this article, I trust that this opportunity is open for you to receive it.

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